Find what the U.S. dollar will buy in the local currency.

What time is it? You may have to call your international contact in the middle of your night, but you do not want to call in the middle of his night. Learn what business hours are in other countries.

Do not plan a trip when there are holidays in your international destination.

Pack right! Be prepared with the right clothing for the weather.

Planning your trip.

Whether for business or pleasure, you need to budget for your trip:

Hopper “analyzes prices daily to predict how prices will change and recommends whether to buy or wait.”

Triplt has a free travel planner with a more detailed version for $49.

Skyscanner is another trip planner where you might find an out of the way destination.

Rome2rio to book accommodations and interesting things to do. Another is tripadvisor. You can also find reviews and photos by tourists who have been there.

Have a taste for traditional food? Foodspotting doesn’t focus on a total menu but rather on certain foods.

What to see and do in almost any city in the world, Timeout now in an app from the print version used for decades.

Culture Trip includes travel stories, insider city guides and “handpicked hotels in the coolest neighbourhoods.”

Before you start exploring on your own, check out the weather for driving conditions.

Don’t want to get caught up in traffic, try city mapper + the city name.