Opportunities at Home

Maybe there are opportunities here at home.?
A specialty cheese manufacturer received several RFQs for their products from U.S. distributors. Believing the distributors were “shopping” they never responded. When the experts in exports informed the cheese manufacturer of a trade dispute, the specialty cheese producer started responding and filling orders. Production increased and they moved to a larger facility to fill growing orders within six months.


Something wrong with the paperwork and your products stuck in Customs? With our export fulfillment service, you never have to worry about what papers to have or what deadlines to meet. Prompt delivery of your fine products equals happy customers wherever in the world they happen to be.
These and other scenarios keep U.S. companies from exporting or from becoming truly successful internationally.


Need capital to fill an export order but your bank is reluctant? Using public sector guarantees or alternative financing can remedy this situation and help with cash flow. You can grow your export sales and still sleep at night.
– How about lowering risk? One exporter was losing business because they required payment before shipment. Once they obtained a multi-buyer insurance policy and offered terms of 30 to 60 days, their export sales doubled and they get paid on time.

Export Business Plan

Need help with your export business plan? Our experts in exports team have lived and worked all over the world and experience is the great teacher. The wrong approach is costly in both time and money. Enter and succeed in international markets more quickly and cost effectively with our experts in exports help.