Exporting can be complicated.  All sorts of things can happen to turn your export plans into a disaster. Regulations worldwide are not the same, how to do business globally is different and choosing the best representation is not universal. What works at home probably doesn’t work abroad. Getting it wrong can lead to failure in your target market and cost you a great deal of time and money.  But you can get it right with the experts in exports.

We provide the information and services you need in the way you want to receive it. The world is changing and so is exporting. The information and resources we provide are comprehensive and continually updated.

Make the experts in exports part of your team.


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Opportunities at Home

Maybe there are opportunities here at home.? A specialty cheese manufacturer received several RFQs for their products from U.S. distributors. Believing the distributors were “shopping” they never responded. When the experts in exports informed the cheese manufacturer of a trade dispute, the specialty cheese producer started responding and filling orders. Production increased and they moved …


Something wrong with the paperwork and your products stuck in Customs? With our export fulfillment service, you never have to worry about what papers to have or what deadlines to meet. Prompt delivery of your fine products equals happy customers wherever in the world they happen to be. These and other scenarios keep U.S. companies …


Need capital to fill an export order but your bank is reluctant? Using public sector guarantees or alternative financing can remedy this situation and help with cash flow. You can grow your export sales and still sleep at night. – How about lowering risk? One exporter was losing business because they required payment before shipment. …